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  • [Article 4435]School Book Fair

    By Trinity


    During Family Literacy Night on Monday January 27th 5:30 to 7:00 at Sioux Mountain Public School there will be a Books for sale. The books at the Book Fair will not all be the same price, they will be $5 and higher.  Books are available for  Newborns to Adults.  All payments need to be in cash.  Sioux Mountain School will receive 25% of the total sales back in free books for the school. Everyone is welcome.  Thanks for reading!

  • [Article 4430]Report Card Advice for Students!

    By Addison D.


    Report cards are coming out February 13th. Oh by the way I wouldn’t try to hide it or throw it out (It gets mailed to your parents). So I would just save the big plan to hide it and give it to your parents now. Anyways if you’re in Grade 7&8 you get percentages like a +D is a 57%, +C is a 67%, +B is a 77% and +A is a 95%. So don’t worry if you get a bad grade I just wouldn’t expect your parents to be happy.. Teachers are very busy at work preparing for the report cards. I sat down with Mr.Craig the French teacher and asked him Do you think it is important for students to go over their report card with their parents, and why?  “It is important for students  and parents to share report cards, so that parents are aware of their child’s progress and  they can set goals  together”.  And they are very very truthful so please don’t yell haha. Well I hope you get something good. Bye☼

  • [Article 4426]Winter Formal

    On January 17, 2014 Sioux Mountain Public School will be holding their first formal dance of the year. All grade 7 and 8 students of Sioux Mountain are welcome to come and dance from 7-10 pm however the doors close at 8:00. Admission will be 3 dollars.


    This is the second dance that Sioux Mountain School has held this year.  The student leadership group has organized this dance as a formal because we have had students come to us wondering when our first formal will be. The main organizer, Cassidy says “I’m excited for the dance and am happy it turned into a formal.” For more information please see any of the Student Council members.


  • [Article 4364]Intermediate Students Participate in Soccer Tournament

    By: Vanessa

    On Wednesday, the students of Sioux Mountain went to New Prospect public school in Dryden, for a soccer tournament. The Sioux Mountain Thunderwolves, tied against Lillian Berg and Ignace and lost against Sacred Heart.

    The scores against Lillian Berg was 1-1. The scores against Ignace was 2-2. The scores against Sacred Heart was 5-1 due to penalty shots during the final half. Ms.McMaster says, “It wasn’t all about winning the tournament, it would have been great too, but it was very fun for everyone and we all had a good time watching Sacred Heart in the semi-finals.”

    Soccer all-star C.Eric missed 4 shots on the Ignace goalie. All-star goalie G.Ethan let in only 1 shot, in his whole time in the net (not letting in any of the other attempted goals!) The students have had practice three times a week, for 4 weeks and were extremely pumped to be going to Dryden for a tournament. Thank you to all the teams that came out, all the coaches for setting it up, the people running the canteen, the schools for coming, and to the city of Dryden for letting us use their soccer fields and nets. It was just really wonderful for everyone, and I hope a lot of people who went to watch and play had an amazing time like our team did!

    A lot of us on the team are really good friends, and had a wonderful time on the bus ride there and back!  Everybody on the team enjoyed being in Dryden and being with each other. Our coaches Mrs. Ward and Ms. McMaster did a wonderful job at coaching us and setting up the tournament. The students had a lot of fun during practices, and our own games against each other while practice. Thank you everybody!   The soccer season is now over, and everyone can’t wait for it to return in the next school year.