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  • [Article 4430]Report Card Advice for Students!

    By Addison D.


    Report cards are coming out February 13th. Oh by the way I wouldn’t try to hide it or throw it out (It gets mailed to your parents). So I would just save the big plan to hide it and give it to your parents now. Anyways if you’re in Grade 7&8 you get percentages like a +D is a 57%, +C is a 67%, +B is a 77% and +A is a 95%. So don’t worry if you get a bad grade I just wouldn’t expect your parents to be happy.. Teachers are very busy at work preparing for the report cards. I sat down with Mr.Craig the French teacher and asked him Do you think it is important for students to go over their report card with their parents, and why?  “It is important for students  and parents to share report cards, so that parents are aware of their child’s progress and  they can set goals  together”.  And they are very very truthful so please don’t yell haha. Well I hope you get something good. Bye☼

  • Featured Image[Article 4377]Help Scare Hunger this Halloween!!!

    Mrs. Whately’s Grade 5/6 class will be running a Canned Goods Competition within the school until Friday, November 1st. Each class is encouraged to bring in as many non-perishable food items as they can. The class that brings in the most will win a prize! Help the Grade 5/6 class Scare Hunger this Halloween!!!


  • [Article 4360]Terry Fox Run

    On Thursday September 26, 2013 there will be a Terry Fox run held at the Sioux Mountain Public School. This Terry Fox run is being held by Mr. Craig’s Leadership Group. The students are running for Terry Fox and this year we are also going to raise money for cancer research. We are doing the Terry Fox run because Terry Fox is a Canadian hero. Terry Fox is a Canadian hero because he was going to run all the way across Canada but he stopped in Thunder Bay Ontario because of his cancer that had come back in his lungs . He ran across Canada to raise money for cancer because he did now all across canada we raise money in memory of terry fox. We asked Mr. Craig how many years has the Terry Fox run been going on at Sioux Mountain. Mr. Craig said” Sioux Mountain has been raising money since 2005”.  We also asked him why we have a Terry Fox Run.   He said “ to help Terry Fox to fulfill his dream to find a cure for cancer”.

    By : Zach and Cam

  • Featured Image[Article 4271]New school year begins!

    A new year has begun at Sioux Mountain Public School. This morning, students lined the sidewalks outside the school, waiting to enter the building to see what the new school year will bring. Junior student Tristan said that he is “more than excited” to be back at school today. Junior student Hunter also said he was happy to be back.

    “One of the best things about coming back after the summer is to see how all the kids have grown” said Bruna Parker, an Educational Assistant.

    Many of the new grade 7 and 8 students said they were not happy to be back, but the smiles on their faces spoke louder than that words that came out.

    Later this morning, the school will assemble in the gym so that the students are officially welcomed back to Sioux Mountain.