• Featured Image[Article 4377]Help Scare Hunger this Halloween!!!

    Mrs. Whately’s Grade 5/6 class will be running a Canned Goods Competition within the school until Friday, November 1st. Each class is encouraged to bring in as many non-perishable food items as they can. The class that brings in the most will win a prize! Help the Grade 5/6 class Scare Hunger this Halloween!!!


  • [Article 4373]Staff Vs Students Badminton Tournament

    On Friday the 18th of October there will be a staff vs students badminton game. There are 6 teams for the students and so far 3 teachers signed up. So we think they’re scared that they are going to lose. So spread the word that we need teachers to play in the game .It is happening at Sioux Mountain School Gym.The school is invited to watch. By: Zach and Camden

  • [Article 4346]Primary students held bake sale “brought to you by the letter ‘Z’”

    By: Mr Craig and his Fabulous Media Class

    Last Friday, Mrs. Donnelly’s grade 1 class held a bake sale to raise money for the school’s garden. The bake sale was held in the primary hallway at Sioux Mountain school. In the end they made $100.00. The baking contained four zucchinis from the school garden.

    “Kids assume that because something contains a vegetable that it won’t be good” said Mrs. Donnelly. That’s why they came up with the idea of putting zucchini in the cupcakes.  Donnelly adds “It was a way to get kids to try something new and different and they were surprised to find out it was pretty good.”

    In the end, they ended up selling all the cupcakes they had. The $100 raised by the students will be used to expand the garden area, purchase more tools and/or buy some perennial plants such as strawberries.

  • [Article 4364]Intermediate Students Participate in Soccer Tournament

    By: Vanessa

    On Wednesday, the students of Sioux Mountain went to New Prospect public school in Dryden, for a soccer tournament. The Sioux Mountain Thunderwolves, tied against Lillian Berg and Ignace and lost against Sacred Heart.

    The scores against Lillian Berg was 1-1. The scores against Ignace was 2-2. The scores against Sacred Heart was 5-1 due to penalty shots during the final half. Ms.McMaster says, “It wasn’t all about winning the tournament, it would have been great too, but it was very fun for everyone and we all had a good time watching Sacred Heart in the semi-finals.”

    Soccer all-star C.Eric missed 4 shots on the Ignace goalie. All-star goalie G.Ethan let in only 1 shot, in his whole time in the net (not letting in any of the other attempted goals!) The students have had practice three times a week, for 4 weeks and were extremely pumped to be going to Dryden for a tournament. Thank you to all the teams that came out, all the coaches for setting it up, the people running the canteen, the schools for coming, and to the city of Dryden for letting us use their soccer fields and nets. It was just really wonderful for everyone, and I hope a lot of people who went to watch and play had an amazing time like our team did!

    A lot of us on the team are really good friends, and had a wonderful time on the bus ride there and back!  Everybody on the team enjoyed being in Dryden and being with each other. Our coaches Mrs. Ward and Ms. McMaster did a wonderful job at coaching us and setting up the tournament. The students had a lot of fun during practices, and our own games against each other while practice. Thank you everybody!   The soccer season is now over, and everyone can’t wait for it to return in the next school year.

  • [Article 4360]Terry Fox Run

    On Thursday September 26, 2013 there will be a Terry Fox run held at the Sioux Mountain Public School. This Terry Fox run is being held by Mr. Craig’s Leadership Group. The students are running for Terry Fox and this year we are also going to raise money for cancer research. We are doing the Terry Fox run because Terry Fox is a Canadian hero. Terry Fox is a Canadian hero because he was going to run all the way across Canada but he stopped in Thunder Bay Ontario because of his cancer that had come back in his lungs . He ran across Canada to raise money for cancer because he did now all across canada we raise money in memory of terry fox. We asked Mr. Craig how many years has the Terry Fox run been going on at Sioux Mountain. Mr. Craig said” Sioux Mountain has been raising money since 2005”.  We also asked him why we have a Terry Fox Run.   He said “ to help Terry Fox to fulfill his dream to find a cure for cancer”.

    By : Zach and Cam

  • Featured Image[Article 4271]New school year begins!

    A new year has begun at Sioux Mountain Public School. This morning, students lined the sidewalks outside the school, waiting to enter the building to see what the new school year will bring. Junior student Tristan said that he is “more than excited” to be back at school today. Junior student Hunter also said he was happy to be back.

    “One of the best things about coming back after the summer is to see how all the kids have grown” said Bruna Parker, an Educational Assistant.

    Many of the new grade 7 and 8 students said they were not happy to be back, but the smiles on their faces spoke louder than that words that came out.

    Later this morning, the school will assemble in the gym so that the students are officially welcomed back to Sioux Mountain.












  • [Article 4223]Experimenting with Chemical Reactions

    Grade 7 students from Mrs. Ward’s and Miss McMaster’s class took part in and experiment on Wednesday, February 13th. Students were testing to see what would happen (reaction) when they added mentos to diet Pepsi. Students were able to observe the Pepsi shoot out of the bottle like a geyser when the mentos were added.

  • [Article 3809]Students Reflect on Our Elder’s Program

    We are very fortunate to have three Elders working in our Native Language program this year. Ralph Johnson, Juliette Blackhawk and Ellen Beardy share the responsibility of supporting the native language and cultural programming in our school. All three share their expertise while leading whole group language instruction, including reading and writing activities in the native language. While in small groups, they may be drumming, beading, or making traditional regalia with the students. They have also shown our students how to prepare and cook traditional foods, including bannock and moose. We greatly appreciate the participation of the Elders in our school programs and when talking with students, it is clear that they share the same enthusiasm.

      Here are a few things our students had to say about our Elder’s Program:

    Grade 4 Students
    “I have a Grandpa that’s an Elder (Ralph) and he told me my spirit name and he is going to make me a drumstick. I like having Elders in my room”

    “Elders teach you about respecting people and loving each other”

    “It’s fun to have Elders in our room, they can talk with you about what they know”

     Grade 5 Students

    “It’s fun having the Elders here- like when we drum and stuff”

    “I like having Elders here to teach us more about NL and Ralph teaches us more drum songs”

    “It’s better with the Elders here, and I’m going to be making a pipe”

    “Whatever you’re going through they can take your place-they help you out with lots and they help you out with lots of language”

    “I like having the Elders here because in Deer Lake we have an Elder as the syllabics teacher”

    “It’s a great honour to have the Elders here, it’s a great time to get together and drum”

    “They come and teach about culture- the moose, the medicines; a lot of medicines, the colours”


    Grade 6 Students

    I like having the Elders here because…….

    “I like to learn the lessons they tell us about”

    “They’re nice to talk to, they’re nice to us”

    “They’re nice to have around, they teach us a lot of stuff”

    “We learn new things like, “madwehiigan” and new ways to say things”

    “We learn a lot of stuff because they’ve been through a lot and theyr’e wise”

    “I like it when they help us with Native Language; because even if we get it wrong they will correct it for us”

    “It’s nice to see the Elders smile”

    “They read books to us and it’s nice to have them watching us do our stations”

    “Its’ wonderful to see them smile and laugh being around us”


    Grade 7 Students

    “Mrs. Blackhawk has good advice”

    “I like it when they come in because I learn new stuff”

    “I like having them here because when they speak it fluently you can kind of understand what they’re saying”

    “When they’re sharing their stories; I like listening to their stories”

    “They drum and they talk about what they mean and what the sacred items mean”

    “Before we go to our stations they give us some teachings and we learn about life and the drum and what it means; and the medicines, and that a drum can be kept for hundreds of years”


    For more information about our Elder’s Program, check out the article in the Sioux Bulletin.

  • [Article 4109]Week of December 3rd to the 7th

    In order to support the success of all students, we ask that parents ensure their children attend school on time, every day. Thank you!

    Here are a couple of updates for this week:

    • Please ensure that your children are dressed for the colder weather. All students are expected to go outside during both nutrition breaks each day.

    • The Triple P Parenting Seminar will take place at our school on December 13th from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. This event is free and more information can be found at: Free Triple P Parenting Seminar

    • Please note the information sent out last week in regard to Job Action by OSSTF members in elementary and secondary schools in Ontario. You can find more information by clicking here.