[Article 4430]Report Card Advice for Students!

By Addison D.


Report cards are coming out February 13th. Oh by the way I wouldn’t try to hide it or throw it out (It gets mailed to your parents). So I would just save the big plan to hide it and give it to your parents now. Anyways if you’re in Grade 7&8 you get percentages like a +D is a 57%, +C is a 67%, +B is a 77% and +A is a 95%. So don’t worry if you get a bad grade I just wouldn’t expect your parents to be happy.. Teachers are very busy at work preparing for the report cards. I sat down with Mr.Craig the French teacher and asked him Do you think it is important for students to go over their report card with their parents, and why?  “It is important for students  and parents to share report cards, so that parents are aware of their child’s progress and  they can set goals  together”.  And they are very very truthful so please don’t yell haha. Well I hope you get something good. Bye☼