[Article 468]Facilities

Front Foyer


Front Foyer


Sioux Mountain Public School opened in March, 2002. The school building is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and has many technologically-advanced features.    

A few facts about the school building and facilities:    

  • 19 classrooms, including two ‘Special Education’ rooms
  • Two computers in every classroom
  • In-focus projectors or SMART Boards in all classrooms 
  • Two resource rooms designated for literacy programming
  • Classrooms for Native language and French language instruction
  • Two mobile computer labs with laptop technology
  • High speed wireless networking throughout the school
  • A full size gymnasium
  • A large library
  • A bookroom with a large collection of reading resource materials
  • An outdoor basketball court
  • Two full size soccer pitches

We are in the process of implementing laptop technology for all students in grades 5 through 8 in September, 2011.