[Article 51]School Council

Sioux Mountain Public School Council

The School Council for 2012/2013 is comprised of the following members:

Diane Martin

Candi Edwards

Greg Ward

Iris Wujanz

Anita Bruins-Burke

Sherry McNear

Michael Boos

The purpose of the School Councils are:

a)    To work in partnership with schools

b)   To improve student achievement; and success

c)    To enhance the accountability of the education system to parents/guardians and communities through their active participation. (Ministry of Education)

The Keewatin-Patricia District School board encourages parents to participate in School Council because:

As a school council member, you can help your council discover new and exciting ways to contribute to the education of students in your school. Education is a partnership involving parents, students, teachers, principals, school boards, government, and the community. Your involvement in the council gives you the opportunity to strengthen that partnership, and to be part of a dedicated team working to ensure a high quality of education and an accountable education system for the children of Ontario. Your participation can make a difference!  (Kenora Patricia District School Board)

The School Council at Sioux Mountain Public School is comprised of parents, teachers and the school principal. We are all people who have a commitment to SMPS and want to work together to create a healthy, enriching, learning environment for the students.

We meet about every two months and anyone is welcome to attend meetings.

Over the last couple of years this School Council has been active on many issues and developments including:

  • School handbook development
  • family success nights
  • literacy  events
  • input into school site development
  • school success plan
  • review of school events
  • board policy input
  • parental engagement
  • on-going general discussion  re. school environment and ideas

We are always open to new input, energy and ideas, and encourage anyone interested in learning and families and the school environment to join us.