[Article 53]School Programs

We have included a brief description of many of the programs we offer to support the academic and social development of our students.  There are descriptions of the following programs:

Character Education

One of the key components of our Character Education program, includes the implementation of the Lion’s Quest curriculum in every classroom. Lion’s Quest is a positive-prevention program by which teachers and others dealing with young people are provided the expertise and curriculum materials to teach life skills to those in their care. The program brings together under a common philosophy, the three stakeholders involved with the raising of young people: the school, the parents, and the community. It strives to teach positive behaviours such as self- discipline, responsibility, and good judgement, while at the same time practicing strategies to resolve conflicts peacefully and embracing a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. To become certified, participants must attend a two day comprehensive workshop presented by a qualifed Lion’s Quest trainer.

Special Education

The special education program at Sioux Mountain Public School is based on the belief that all students can succeed. Classroom teachers, Special Education Resource Teachers, Educational Assistants, School Administration, and community, as well as KPDSB personnel all work together as a team to realize this belief. It is understood that this team, with the expertise of parents and their children, can work together to ensure that a quality program is in place for our special needs children.

The school’s special education program operates in accordance with provincial as well as with school board policies to develop programming in an inclusive classroom setting. In this way, students receive specialized programming in their own classrooms and with their own peers.  Depending on the individual child’s needs and strengths, an individualized program is developed (IEP) through modified or accommodated curriculum expectations.

Special education programs and services enable students with special needs to have equitable access to learning and opportunities to pursue and achieve the goals of their educational programs. In addition, the school promotes and trains students who have been assigned assistive technology to meet these learning goals.

For more information on the special education programs available at SMPS, visit the KPDSB website to view the board’s special education plan as well as information on the various learning services for exceptional students. http://www.kpdsb.on.ca/education/eduSpecialEducation.asp

Native Language

The Native Language program at Sioux Mountain Public School is happening!

Students are immersed in the language through conversation, interactive experiences, cultural integration activities (art, music and drumming), leveled learning tasks and fun! They are assessed and evaluated on a regular basis which enables the Native Language teachers to plan effectively for all students, while engaging them and targeting all learning strategies.

We provide a Balanced Literacy teaching approach. This also includes; modeling the use of Native Language, sharing the use of the language, while working toward the goal of helping students to develop independent language skills. Differentiated instruction is very important in our program. We want to meet the needs of all the learners in our environment.

French as a Second Language

The ability to communicate in French is a valuable skill, because French is one of Canada’s two official languages and it is a language used widely around the world. Learning a second language not only strengthens students’ ability to communicate, but also develops their capacity to understand and respect other cultures.
Our students learn the language through interactive lessons, technology, cultural integration, and the accelerative integrated method (gesture program). Our program encourages the learning of French as a means of communication and to make it a part of the student’s overall education. In our classroom we provide modeling, visual and verbal supports and logical sequencing of activities to challenge the students and encourage them to continue studying and mastering the language.

Literacy Support

The students at Sioux Mountain Public School learn literacy skills through a balanced literacy approach. Balanced Literacy includes reading, writing, word knowledge, and oral and visual communication.

Reading instruction includes read-alouds, shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading. Instruction is scaffold throughout these instructional strategies, with decreasing teacher support.

Early Literacy Support is a part of the Grade One program offered for six-year olds, who need extra support to develop effective reading and writing skills. Early Literacy Support is based on Reading Recovery a program developed by Marie Clay. Within the school day, each child has an intense, daily thirty- minute session in response to his or her individual needs. Parents must spend fifteen minutes each evening to allow sharing of the reading and writing component of the day. Success due to a reading theory that emphasizes meaning, and the teaching of reading strategies that help children become independent readers.

The writing program follows a similar pattern of steps, starting with modeled writing, followed by shared writing, guided writing, and independent writing. The writing program is delivered to students in the form of writer’s workshop. Students explore many forms of writing with many different topics.

The oral language framework reflects three kinds of talk: Language of Social Interaction, Language of Literacy, and the Language of Thinking. This program continues to expand; teachers of JK to grade 2 have received special training on oral language strategies to be used in the classroom.