[Article 4450]Students Celebrate 100 Days of Learning

By Mr. Craig’s Media Class

Students at Sioux Mountain Public School celebrated 100 days of learning on the morning of Monday, February 3rd, by getting together for a number of 100-themed-tasks.  Grades 1,2 and 3 teamed up for the occasion, and did some fun activities.


Teacher Tracey Donnelly organized this event.  She told us there were five activities for the students: counting out 100 snacks for their snack bag, building structures with 100 cups, making 100 day glasses, stamping 10 sets of 10 with bingo dabbers, and making necklaces with 100 fruit loops.


Grade 2 student Kobe told us his favourite activity was making the bags of 100 candies.  “You can keep it for lunch or snack time” he said.  Grade 1 student John also enjoyed eating the candies.  He noticed “I got a loose tooth when eating the candies”.  John’s favourite activity was making the 100 day glasses.

Donnelly summed up the activity by saying “Students really enjoyed a change in routine to celebrate being 100 days smarter!”